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About Us


Our Mission  Gardensource’s mission is to provide quality garden and landscape plants, materials, information and services of value to our customers. We strive to make it easy for our customers to garden and landscape their homes and business with confidence, ease and affordability.

Our Commitment to the Environment  Our commitment to the environment is to offer plants that do well in our region, use the least amount of water, and need the least amount of maintenance. We also provide materials that are locally sourced; most of the plants we sell are grown by local vendors.

Our Delivery Area We deliver only to areas that are within the city limits of Austin.

Our History  Gardensource.org was launched in 2014, after 5 years in development and 20 years working in the field here in Austin. We started our company as a way to make gardening and landscaping easier for our customers, by offering plants that do well in Austin (most of them are approved by the City of Austin's Grow Green program) and materials that are locally sourced. We wanted to utilize our experience, expertise and passion with plants, gardening and landscaping to create a business that helps our customers have success in their own outdoor projects.


Robert Leeper, CEO, co-founder

Robert has been landscaping in Austin since 1993. He has worked for three of the best retail nurseries in Austin: Barton Springs Nursery, The Great Outdoors, and Gardens. He founded his landscape design and build company, Robert Leeper Landscapes, in 1999. He has won awards from the City of Austin’s Grow Green program, which emphasizes reduction of turfgrass areas and plantings of native and well-adapted plants. His landscapes have been featured on tours for The Garden Conservancy and The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Research Center. Robert has a degree in Landscape Architecture from Louisiana State University. Robert has always had a passion for plants, nature and helping people connect to their landscape environment.


Sam Campos, CCO,co-founder

Sam has been gardening since he was a kid growing up in central Texas. He has studied graphic design, regional history, and plants for central Texas. He started working at Robert Leeper Landscapes in 2004, where he does planting design for their projects. He has a love of plants, photography, and Austin’s natural and built landscapes.

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